TAN DELTA ELECTRIC CORPORATION offers a wide range of services such as design, consultancy, construction, fabrication, installation, testing and commissioning of various electrical high and low voltage system and process instrumentation projects performed and administered by highly skilled group of engineers and technical personnel that can provide reliable and quality service in various fields of Electrical Engineering.

Ultrasonic Detection

Ultrasonic Detection Testing (UDT) is a non destructive testing that uses sound phenomenon. It is a predictive maintenance or early detection tool which can effectively be used for electrical and mechanical applications. It is one of the modern and useful technologies that uses ultrasound principle that is concern on sound wave frequencies which are above human perception. It uses portable ultrasound instrument to detect ultrasonic sources.

Tan Delta pioneered in year 2002 the application of Ultrasonic Detection services in the Philippines. Inspection is being carried-out by our in-house engineer and certified Level -1 Ultrasonic Inspector trained in the U.S.

Since 2002 up to the present, the company has conducted Ultrasonic inspection to various installations in the Philippines and have contracted by Intel Technology Philippines in 2004 to 2008 to carry out a quarterly routine inspection of the plant facilities such as HV electrical switchgears, motor bearings including air and gas leak inspection.

Ultrasonic Inspection Service

Tan Delta offers Ultrasonic inspection services which specializes in the inspection of the following:

  1. Leak Detection (Compressed Air and Gasses)
  2. Bearing Condition Monitoring
  3. Ultrasound Based Lubrication
  4. Steam Trap Inspection
  5. Valves and Hydraulics
  6. Pump Cavitation
  7. Boiler, Heat Exchangers, and Condenser Leaks
  8. Bearings
  9. Electrical Corona Discharge
  10. Tightness Integrity – Wind Noise and Water Leaks
Ultra Sonic Inspection Services
Ultra Sonic Inspection Services
Ultra Sonic Inspection Services
Ultra Sonic Inspection Services